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Captain Scott Wlasuk   978.538.6314

Lieutenant David Bonfanti  978.538.6366

The Criminal Investigation Division performs all the follow-up investigative work for the Police Department. Each detective is specially educated to aid them in their ability to investigate the wide variety of crimes that can occur within a community. Detectives are trained to investigate domestic assaults, rape & sex offenders, fraud, hate crimes, financial crimes, arson, and drug investigations. This division also requires excellent skills in fingerprint and photo technology. Detectives are also assigned to deal with licensing enforcement.

Under the command of Captain Scott Wlasuk, detectives are assigned to follow up on all major crimes. Several units within the Criminal Investigation Division have been created to deal with certain crimes:

  • Domestic Violence Unit
  • Sex Offender Registry Unit
  • Drug Investigations Unit
  • Intel & Criminal Analysis Unit
  • Computer Crime Unit

On certain occasions, the State Police or Federal Agencies may be requested to assist the Criminal Investigation Division.

Submit a Crime Tip or other Suspicious Activity to our Police Agency

Use this anonymous tip form to submit information regarding suspicious, nuisance and criminal activity to this agency. You may submit a tip anonymously or include your contact information.

Anonymous Tips Form

Fill out as much information that you may know, including the type of issue, location, and any physical suspect description.

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If you are reporting a crime in progress, or require emergency service, please dial 9-1-1, from a phone now.