Drug Unit

CID main number: 978-538-6377


Mission Statement

  • To investigate all criminal activity involving drugs, including the use, sale, distribution, and trafficking of all narcotics.
  • To employ surveillance, the use of informants and under cover police officers to identify those involved with the distribution and trafficking of drugs.
  • To procure drugs from those involved, using confidential informants for controlled buys and undercover police officers for hand to hand buys.
  • To execute search warrants to seize illegal drugs, money derived from the sale of drugs, and to arrest those involved.
  • To seize, through the courts, other assets obtained from the sale of drugs including but not limited to motor vehicles, homes, and other properties.
  • To assist in drug investigations and share information and informants with The North Shore Drug Task Force.

The North Shore Drug Task Force consists of narcotic detectives from Peabody, Salem, Beverly, Danvers, and Marblehead. We jointly work together in all stages of drug investigations, such as controlled buys, executing search warrants, and arresting those involved in drug activity.

All information and the sources of information received by the drug unit is CONFIDENTIAL.