Emergency Control Center – Dial 9-1-1

Commanding Officer- Captain Eric Zawacki  978.538.6354         

Dispatch Supervisor-  James Dullea                                           

The 911 Dispatch & Control Center at Peabody Police Headquarters is staffed with nine full-time state certified civilian dispatchers and one police officer under the direction of the watch commander.

In addition to handling 911 emergency calls, dispatchers also provide officers with critical information from; The Registry of Motor Vehicles, The Massachusetts State Police, The Criminal History Systems Board, The National Crime Information Center, The FBI, and any other police department in the USA via the LEAPS Terminal Computer (Law Enforcement Automated Processing System). This system can be queried to check for outstanding warrants, stolen vehicles, and missing persons.

Dispatchers also have the ability to communicate with other police departments over the radio via the BAPERN System (Boston Area Police Emergency Radio Network), in the event of an intercity emergency or mutual aid situation.

The 911 emergency telephone number provides direct access to police, fire, and emergency medical services. Call 911 to report situations that require an immediate response, such as a crime, a fire, or a medical emergency. Do not call 911 for road/travel and severe weather information, power failures, car breakdowns, pets up a tree, or legal advise. All non-emergency calls may be directed to 978-538-6300.


When you call 911 it is important to stay on the telephone. Do not hang up until the 911 operator advises you to do so.

Be prepared to give the following information:

  • The phone number you are calling from
  • The address where you are located
  • The nature of the problem

When dialing 911 in Peabody, your police dispatcher will say,”911, this line is being recorded. What is your emergency?” It is then important to give the above information. If the emergency requires the response of the fire department or ambulance, the dispatcher will transfer the call to that department and simultaneously remain on the line to monitor the call and ensure that all pertinent information is communicated to all the emergency response departments.

In the event of placing a 911 call and you are unable to speak to the dispatcher, press the following number corresponding to your emergency:

  • Press 1 If you need the POLICE

  • Press 2 If you need the FIRE DEPARTMENT

  • Press 3 If you need an AMBULANCE

All dispatch terminals are also equipped to communicate with teletypewriters.

When dialing 911 from any telephone (except cellular) the police dispatcher will be prompted with the following information on their computer screen.

  • The phone number you are calling from
  • The residence name or business name
  • The address the call is being made from
  • Listings of any disability indicators that can help emergency responders better handle the situation. This is voluntary information that is provided to the Police Department such as the presence of a life support system, mobility impaired, blind, deaf, speech impaired, or developmentally disabled person at that address.

It is important to remember that all 911 calls from a cellular phone will be forwarded to the Massachusetts State Police. The State Police will not be provided with the above information, so it is vital to stay on the line and answer all the dispatchers questions.