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Det. Sgt. DJ Murphy  978.538.6329

The Peabody Police Department recognizes domestic violence to be of epidemic proportions in this city and that it transcends all socioeconomic boundaries in its occurrence. It is the goal of the domestic violence unit to create an environment of openness and understanding of all problems stemming from domestic violence in the hope that this will enable victims to feel secure enough to come forward and seek help to end the devastating cycle of violence.

The Peabody Police Department is committed to enhancing victim safety and holding batterers accountable. The Domestic Violence Law Enforcement Guidelines provided by the Executive Office of Public Safety are adhered to. Officers will assist victims of domestic violence in numerous ways.
An officer may call for an ambulance to assist with medical attention, assist a victim in getting to a safe place, such as a friends’, family member’s or a shelter, offer the victim their abuse law rights (their right to obtain a restraining order), the officer will interview the victim and/or witnesses to gain as much information as he/she can to assist in the criminal prosecution of the batterer in order to hold the batterer accountable.

Domestic Violence is a crime. NO ONE has the right to hurt another. If you are being abused, we can help you.Â

HAWC – Healing Abuse Working for Change

The Peabody Police Department has also joined forces with Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett’s office, Peabody District Court Probation Department, Healing Abuse, Working for Change (HAWC), the Dept of Children and Families, as well as the Essex County Sheriff’s Facility in an attempt to flag high risk cases. A few examples of high risk factors include, but are not limited to:

    • the violence is escalating
    • the batterer has threatened suicide and/or homicide
    • the batterer has strangled the victim
NOTE:choking is something someone does on food; it is different
from someone putting their hands, or another object around
someone’s throat to prevent the passage of air – this is known
as strangulation
  • the batterer has access to firearms
  • the victim believes that the batterer could kill her and/or her kidsÂ

The Peabody Police Department, along with Essex County DA Jonathan Blodgett’s office co-facilitates a monthly domestic violence roundtable meeting that is held the fourth Thursday of the month at our police station. Members of the community from various agencies attend these meetings to raise awareness about domestic violence and it’s effects on all of us in this community.