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Officer Ralph Scopa


The Peabody Community Policing philosophy is to develop a partnership with the citizens they serve by working together to help prevent crime and solve neighborhood issues of concern.

Our objectives are, to work with residents and businesses of the community to help resolve neighborhood problems and improve their quality of life, to teach residents of all ages about crime prevention and personal safety, and to put residents in touch with other agencies that will assist with their social concerns.

The Community Policing Division uses the Community Outreach Center (located at the Northshore Mall) to bring the police department and the community together to work as one and keep Peabody safe and crime free. This Center has been utilized by many other groups such as; MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), H.A.W.C. (Help for Abused Women and Children), American Cancer Society, D.A.R.E. Officers, and Juvenile Probation Officers. Stop by one of the Community Outreach Center and pick up information on Neighborhood Crime Watch, Crime Prevention, D.A.R.E., seatbelt safety, and much more!

Take a stand against crime.


The police department is working with several neighborhoods throughout the city to implement the neighborhood crime watch program. The program, with the help of many good citizens, will continue to grow and expand throughout the year. This program will also work to forge a bond among residents, help reduce crime, and improve relations between the police department and the community.

What is a Neighborhood Crime Watch?

A Neighborhood Crime Watch is a group of residents who work along with the police department to help deter and solve crimes as well as other neighborhood issues that concern them.

Who can join a Neighborhood Crime Watch Group?

Any resident can join or organize a crime watch. Groups can be organized within residential neighborhoods, apartment buildings, condominium complexes, and housing projects.

How do I start a Neighborhood Crime Watch Group?

  • Form a small group within your neighborhood, apartment building, condominium complex, or housing project area to begin discussion about starting a crime watch program.
  • Plan a meeting by inviting all residents of the area so they can meet one another.
  • Customize the meeting to the needs of your particular area.
  • Invite the police department to attend and help organize your crime watch.

Neighborhood Crime Watch meeting topics.

  • Personal safety
  • Child safety
  • Safety of senior citizens
  • Securing residences
  • Vandalism prevention
  • Safety tips for baby sitters
  • Fire prevention